Our Chefs

Balm solutions understand good nutrition and hydration are key to remaining well and healthy as we progress in age. Chefs hold the important role of ensuring residents receives nutritious and delicious meals three times a day, without fail.

Maintaining a healthy diet can help our bodies to manage illnesses and healthcare conditions more effectively. Naturally, we are more likely to have healthcare conditions as we grow older and therefore it is essential that care home chefs are mindful of what goes on the menu.

Experienced Chefs

We only hire chefs that have prior experience of being a cook and appreciate the effective and efficient operation of the kitchen and formal supervision of kitchen staff.
A quality kitchen experience has positive benefits on the physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Our chef will demonstrate the highest standards in cleanliness, food safety and hygiene and will always have the resident’s wellbeing in mind above anything else.

At Balm Solutions we understand care home chefs have a huge responsibility to make sure that all of their residents’ especial dietary requirements are taken into consideration. Dietary requirements can range from food intolerance to personal dietary choices and health problems such as dysphasia, which is particularly common in older people.

A care home chef is in charge of creating an enticing, varied and balanced menu for their residents. The very best chefs will take time to get to know their residents’ personal likes and dislikes so that they can tailor the menu accordingly…
They will also regularly switch up the menu to provide residents with variety and keep mealtimes exciting.

Meal preparation doesn’t just stop at breakfast, lunch and dinner for care home chefs; they also prepare healthy snacks, delicious homemade cakes and beverages for residents to enjoy throughout the day! Our chefs are constantly on the go!

Our chefs will demonstrate his/her ability to prepare delicious, quality and nutritional meals. They will be capable of preparing a range of meals to suit individual taste and requirements.

Recruitment of our chef is only based on the number of years of experience, our chefs must undergo extensive training and safety checks to ensure the chefs that joins your team has the required skills and full enhanced DBS to step into your kitchen and become part of your team. Our chefs will have what it takes to nurture, encourage and care for the residents making a meaningful contribution to someone’s life which is fulfilling and requires flexibility and professionalism.

Requirements for Chef role

1. Enhanced DBS
2. Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
3. Eligibility to work in the UK
4. National Insurance Number
5. Proof of Address( utility bills gas, electricity)
6. Passport photo.